The crash of ice against a glass.  Bottles clanking. Liquid pouring.  I was getting my drink on while on my recent trip to South Florida.  I love sitting at the bar to watch bartenders work.  They have time to be your server, bartender, and still have a casual conversation!  That’s impressive! 

As I was exhausted from my long travels, I began to watch my bartender work around the bar full of 30 or so seats.  She had time to take care of the needs of her guests while creating the drinks for everyone who ordered on in the restaurant!  There were lots of fishbowls going out… I secretly wished I could take on a fishbowl, but let’s not overdo it!  I’d be sleeping on the bar!

It was at that time that I realized we all needed to become bartenders!  They have figured out the magic way to serve everyone with a smile and be productive at the same time.


We all need to take a few pages from their playbook and get our game face on and get work done in the right way.  Why do we need to become more like bartenders?

1. The harder you work, the more you make.  Okay, we don’t all make tips for a living, but we do find ourselves working over our shifts and checking email on weekends.  The reality of the situation is if we work harder at work, we will get out on time. 

The more productive you are during your scheduled shift the less you will have to worry about when leaving for the night with a pile of things you need to complete the next day.  If you really focus and work hard at work, you will reward yourself not only in time but that extra unearned income you don’t make (if you’re a salaried employee).  Time is more valuable than staying that extra hour to catch up on email.

Timing is everything.  If a bartender is working really really hard but is not working on taking care of the guest, but just a select few… they wouldn’t be working efficiently enough to make the most money they can for the night. 

You need to think about how you can make the most of your day and be the most productive.  How can you get the most bang for your buck?  Are you going to work with the wrong priorities that aren’t making you any tips? 

So next time your coworker asks you to help with a project… think to yourself is that going to help you make more tips or get you out the door on time?

If it gets your experience in something that you would like to add to your resume or is a “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” situation go for it.  If not… move along and put your priorities in the right place and make more tips!

3. Bring your smile and a positive attitude.  Bartenders are usually great listeners and they are there to make you happy!

Truth be told, even faking a smile to make it through your day will give you a higher chance that your shift won’t suck. 

Seriously, next time you’re grumpy, step aside for a minute and fake your smile. You’ll make more brownie points with your coworkers and your job will get done a lot easier. 

That’s how bartenders make more money!!!  With a smile on your face, you will be able to progress a lot faster into your work and your day will go a lot better than anticipated.  You may even find yourself smiling on your own! Imagine that! 

If you’re not a believer, give it a try.  What’s the worst that can happen?  You could have a productive fun day?

Who would have thought that bartenders could teach us so much?  It’s funny how inspiration can come in so many different ways.  So next time you are at work thinking about how to make your day more productive, think about your favorite bartender.  Even if you aren’t a regular drinker, I’m sure you remember that guy from your Mexico vacation! 

Be sure to work hard to get out on time, have your priorities where your tips are and smile like you’ve got nothing to lose!

I’m supposed to be on vacation here and here I’m writing about the productivity of bartending! It’s a rainy day here in south Florida, I really wouldn’t want to spend it any other way!  The rest of my trip here looks sunny!

I thought I would include a photo taken of the beautiful ocean!
Take Action Plan:

- Work hard while at work, don't spend too much extra time digging through emails or socializing

-  Find your priorities, what is going to make you the most tips?  Make the most of your time.

-Smile more!  Productivity and a smile go hand and hand.  :)

Until next time... get out and be that bartender!

Have you decided which tactic you are going to try at work tomorrow?  What else can we learn from a bartender?

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02/02/2017 8:26am

I remembered that one of my dreams when I was a kid is to become a bartender, but now, I don't see myself as one. I was just amazed how they work and having a conversation with a customer. They really are hard working. Thank you for this wonderful post. You have related it to life. I learned a lot from this. I am looking forward for your next post.

02/06/2017 11:20am

I've always wanted to be a bartender as well! I've managed a few in my day and staying on top of a timed pour test was always a challenge! (how much liquor in a shot) So glad you enjoyed reading!

03/04/2017 8:14am

I had a part work time as bartender in a summer while I was student. On the one hand meet so many interesting people is really exciting. On the other some client can be a real dork!

06/16/2017 12:30pm

Bartenders should not be treated like an ordinary employee at a place for they a lot to offer. Aside from that, they also have remarkable skills for they can do their work and at the same time have a good conversation with the customers too. I agree with you that we should work like bartenders. I used to do other things before I start on my work and I always end up not finishing it on time that I don't get a lot done. It became toxic for me so I observed some of my co-workers and friends, it turns out I need to see what I am doing on a different side one where it will make me have a positive attitude. I now look forward to what the company will make me do for I will learn from it.

06/19/2017 9:03pm

I have this friend who is working as a bartender. Surprisingly, I can see all the traits that you have posted here in him. I mean when he became a bartender, I started to see how he become responsible and productive when it comes to his work. Moreover, I have to say that this work is not an easy one, but I am very happy because this has changed him a lot. The work has given him passion and reason.

04/09/2017 7:33pm

Thanks for this information... Love to read your articles.

04/13/2017 2:32pm

I kept in mind that one i wanted when I was a kid is to become a bartenders, but now, I don't see myself as one. I was just surprised how they perform and having a discussion with a person. They really are diligent. Thank you for this amazing publish. You have relevant it to lifestyle. I many userful stuff here from this. I am anticipating for your next publish.

06/12/2017 1:46pm

What a complete explanation. Thank you very much for that.


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