Last week I had found myself waking up frantically out of a deep sleep, I was late!

I ran around the house trying to get myself put together and out the door in a reasonable amount of time.  

As I was gathering my items to leave, I could not find my purse.  “Where is it?”  “Where is it?” “When did I have it last?”

As I so frantically looked around the house. Of course, when you’re late, you can’t recall that your purse is still laying on the floor from the night before. You needed it for that online purchase and never put it away. 

I swiped up my purse and the coffee, that I so magically had time to make, and headed out the door. Only to spill that magic cup of coffee on myself!

I rushed back in to change. I thought, I wonder if I’ll get lucky enough to get a decent parking spot, so I can actually make it to work on time.

We may not always find ourselves running around in the morning because we are late. 

Sometimes there are other things we dream of accomplishing in the morning before we hit our daily routine and that’s what makes us late!

One of my many theories in life is that work takes too much time out of day and for us to spend over an hour getting ready to go there is just insane! 

We can all use a few tips to be more productive in our morning regimen to have more time to sleep, exercise, journal, learn something new or do whatever makes you happy!

Decide on a Routine

For example, my routine looks a little something like this. 

I spend 10 minutes in the bathroom, doing my makeup, brushing my teeth, etc. 

Then I spend the next 10 minutes getting dressed, the last 10 minutes are for getting my lunch together. Usually I take a smoothie to hold me over until my late lunch. 

This gives me enough extra time if something were to happen, like losing my purse.  It also doesn’t take too much time that I spend my whole morning working on it.  If I work an earlier shift I then calculate adding breakfast and coffee.

I have a feeling your routine will look a lot like mine. 

Break it down into bathroom time, closet time and kitchen time. Decide what you need to do in each area. 

The three parts are interchangeable so if you want to change the order that is easily done. 

If I am still drinking my coffee, I get dressed first, then head to the bathroom.

The routine stays the same at each stop.  It makes it under productive if you decide to wash your face, get dressed then head back to the bathroom to brush your teeth. 

That is an extra stop, extra walking and extra time.  Just move each area of the routine around to keep it efficient.

Learn your Time Limits

Start to keep time when you are going through your routine.  You won’t ever get more efficient at anything unless you push yourself!

Let’s be honest here, even though I enjoy sitting and staring into space in the morning sometimes.

It usually upsets me when it makes me late and I realize I didn’t accomplish anything besides dreaming of the things I want to accomplish!

Setting a time limit helps avoid distractions.

Your Time in the Kitchen:

Breakfast- Choose your go to breakfast to have around in the morning.

If you want to make a full breakfast like I do, keep your favorite ingredients stocked. 

If you are a “take something for the road” person, learn to make an oatmeal bake to have for the week.

It doesn’t matter what you prefer to have for breakfast, decide what that is, give it a try and plan for it.

If what you have planned isn’t working, either it isn’t important enough or you need to decide on something else.  Do what works for you, I cannot stress that enough.

Lunch – Leave time to pack or pre pack the evening before.  Taking your lunch with you to work has HUGE benefits.

Plan to take leftovers or have a few ideas meal ideas stocked before the week begins.  If you are interested in learning how to become a lunch packing pro, check out my article here.

Your Time In the Closet:

Work on pre picking outfits three days in advance. 

Having the decision already made gives you more time in the morning to sleep in or do something you love! 

This also helps avoid the whole change once you’ve already dressed because it doesn’t look right… then it ends up on floor moment.  Why would I ever hang up a clean item that I just put on for five seconds, to discover it wasn’t working today?

Plus, you won’t have to go into your closet to be distracted by other items that you may change your mind and decide to wear… for another five seconds before they end up on the floor with that other poor choice!

Also, you may find that picking your outfits in advance will give you more time to be creative and pick out something that you really feel great in!  I’m all for that!

I like to add selected jewelry and tanks to wear as layers to the hangers really making getting dressed in the morning a no brainer! 

I chose three because I tend to run out of room on my storage hooks.  I have recently switched to one big hook.  I bought this one at IKEA, but there are many other choices out there.

If you are feeling ambitious choose your other two work days and have them hanging to the side so you can easily find them when Thursday rolls around.  This is the day you probably need a planned out outfit the most!

I will not be covering the bathroom stop. 

Most of us don’t find a way to be too easily distracted there, plus there is usually someone waiting to use it next!

I do, however, want to cover having too many choices available to you.

When it comes to make up, clothing, breakfast…choices take time and this is something you don’t have when you are trying to be productive. 

When it comes to make up, choose two looks that make you look the best.  You would never want to go with something that makes you look second best!  Try new looks on the weekend, you don’t have time to take it off a reapply.  Store the supplies for your favorite looks separately and use them in the morning so you are not distracted by your other 100 ideas. 

Next time you find yourself frantically waking up, your chances of being late are pretty slim since you will be an all-star at your morning routine.

Even if waking up late isn’t a problem, take back your time for you!  Yes, it is a wonderful thing to want to present well, but being awesome doesn’t take as long as you think! 

Here is your action check list:

Decide on your morning routine

Push yourself to limit time spent on each part of your routine

Plan ideas for breakfast and lunch

Pick out your outfits in advance

Limit your choices

What usually slows down your morning routine?  What action item are you planning on implementing first?

Main blog photo (c) Davie Meo
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10/27/2016 9:49pm

I found your post very motivating and thoughtfully. This will surely help me become more productive every morning. The one thing that I greatly lack every morning is motivation to do my work. I also lack the discipline to wake and sleep early most of the times. I think that I must practice your tips step by step first before doing them in one go. Thank you for sharing this knowledgeable and informative article.

10/29/2016 7:03pm

Thank you for such a nice comment! Having a morning routine takes some disapline, but I'm sure once you have a driving force behind it that you'll do great!

05/14/2017 3:01am

It is very generous of you to share morning productivity hacks. I believe that it is great to start our morning productively. The reason behind this is that our mood in the morning can affect our whole mood for the rest of the day. This is really interesting and I even wrote down some of it. I am already doing a routine in the morning and I am glad that I do. Overall, I like how you focused on this topic.

03/08/2017 8:47pm

These past few days I feel very unproductive because I lack of sleep and meals every day. Every time I go to work I feel sleepy and empty, I can't focus and do the things I have to do and I am starting to hate myself because of it, It is affecting my work and life. After reading your blog, I come to think of things and realize everything, I have to balance everything and don't stress myself in everything. It is very important to have breakfast and bring back the routine, you have every morning if it's good for you. So thank you.

03/10/2017 3:28pm

Take a deep breath. Hating yourself will never get you anywhere and I'm really impressed you're ready to get your mornings together! Once you really get your mornings down you can move to the first half hour at work and what you need to complete from there. You've got this!

01/20/2017 3:40am

I have no problems at mornings. I think if you have motivation to wake up and do all that morning things - you will have to problems ;)

03/04/2017 8:27am

I love your blog for this little life hacks. They really work!

05/21/2017 6:50pm

I can't get the main idea, but it's really helpful for additional information.


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