One thing many home cooks worry about is if their food is cooked correctly, more specifically their protein. 

This is for those who are not interested in dry overcooked chicken and for those who have been dying to actually cook a medium rare steak without guessing!  

Using a thermometer helps take a lot of guess work out of cooking a product. 


Here are a few tips to make using your thermometer a breeze:

                - Make sure to insert the thermometer in the middle of the product or at the                 thickest point. This area usually takes longer to cook and it is important that                 this section reaches the minimum cooking temperature.

                - Sometimes is it more effective to insert the thermometer in the side: think                 steak

                - To get a proper read make sure your thermometer is not touching the pan!                  I know that is seems self-explanatory, but even I had to learn this at one                     point in my life

                - Stack chicken breasts, burgers, etc and then take the temperature to get                     the most accurate reading

               - Be sure to wash and let air dry in-between uses, especially after you have                 tested your product and it wasn’t ready yet

Attached below is a free downloadable minimum cooking temperature chart. 

My hope is that this will help you cook safe food and you will get to enjoy tender cooked chicken and juicy burgers! 

The free downloadable file has four small minimum cooking temperature charts.  Print it out on card stock.  Put one in your silverware drawer and give the others to your friends.  They will thank you when it comes in handy next time they are trying to impress someone with a medium rare steak!

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This printable is also a thoughtful addition to a gift for the unsure cook, who would really enjoy knowing when the chicken is done.   Get them a thermometer and attach the print out for a super useful gift!

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11/05/2016 3:40pm

A good thermometer is the best way to guarantee that your meat is properly cooked. My personal trick to get the accurate temperature is to stick the thermometer at the right general area. After that, I just push the thermometer all the way through until it emerges on the other side. Any ideas on how I could poke the right area on a whole chicken? Thanks and keep blogging!

11/05/2016 7:28pm

I love your thermometer trick. I'd recommend temping a whole chicken in the thigh (not touching the bone) preferably where it connects to the leg. I also like checking the breast at the widest part, just so I can enjoy my meal comfortably. Thank you for reading!

03/04/2017 8:26am

I've bought a family grill recently and this thermometer was a new thing to me. It is quiet nice to have.


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