You know the feeling, that one where you are extremely overwhelmed and you forgot where you put the chicken! You spent 20 minutes longer than planned trying to make a decent meal for yourself only to be disappointed in the amount of time spent, not to mention the cleanup, to make yourself a homemade dinner!  

You look down to see your awesome plate and look up to see the disastrous mess you’ve made and are unhappy about the time you’ve wasted doing it. 

Productivity in the kitchen is something not many of us have been taught.  We like to think that we have all the ingredients from our last shopping trip, pull out the recipe and get started. 

What if I asked if you would be interested in cutting your time and mess down while working in the kitchen? Sounds like a dream right? 

Even if you begin to practice a couple of these hacks, you will become a master at pumping out amazing meals in less time with less clean up.  After implementing these small steps you will see a drastic improvement in your performance! If you would like to learn more about what needs to be done before you begin to cook for yourself at home check out this article!

Reference your meal plan or recipe posted on your refrigerator

The fact that you have put it so close to your work area in a place easily reachable helps eliminate the search for the recipe.  If you use an electronic device to save your recipes, be sure to bookmark it.  If your bookmarks are a mess, create a folder and then bookmark it!  

As much as I love using my kindle in a plastic bag to cook, if it is a recipe you find you would like to recreate, you should print it out.  That way you have your go to stash, instead of your endless amounts of bookmarks.

2. Find your mise en place. Pronounced (mizɑ̃ˈplas) is a French term meaning everything in its place. 

It is one of the first things they teach you in culinary school and one of the best concepts to use everywhere, especially the kitchen.  The important part of mise en place is that you have everything ready to go before you start cooking.  All of the ingredients are out of the cabinets, refrigerator and the frozen stuff is thawed and ready.  Not only does this include the spices, it includes the bowls, cutting board and dishes from the cabinet.

3. Open the drawer once (or refrigerator, cabinet, freezer etc).

When you open a drawer, get all the items needed out at the same time.

Here is an example, say you are making eggs and toast for breakfast.  Your toast is done a minute before the eggs, so you reach into your silverware drawer to grab a knife to butter your toast.  Once you have added your eggs to the plate, you realize you need eating utensils.  You go back to drawer to get a fork and knife to eat with.  This is actually something I used to do!  It wasn’t until I started thinking about how valuable my time was, that realized I could open the drawer to get the knife for the butter and grab the fork at the same time.  The other big realization here is that I could use the knife from the butter to eat with! Crazy right!?! 

In doing this I saved myself the time I would go back for another set of silverware and I was creating more dishes (that extra knife) for me to wash when I completed my meal.  Who wouldn’t want to save on dishes?! 

 Now that I’ve given you an example of just the silverware drawer consider where else you can use it.  Reaching in to the refrigerator for eggs and then going back for butter?  Getting into the cabinet for one pan and going back to realize you need a second one?  This quick mindset change of thinking ahead and only reaching into an area once at a time will vastly improve your speed and organization in the kitchen. 

4. Chop everything at once. 

Some may think chopping the food that goes into the pan first and cooking while you are cutting is a better use of your time.  The truth is that you become too distracted.  

If you chop all your items first, you have everything ready for the pan when needed.  Also consider copping your veggies first then save the meat for last.  This way you will only need to do use one cutting board!  

 5. Clean as you go.

Is your dishwasher currently full of clean dishes?  You’re doing this backward.  It should be empty or have dirty dishes.  This way you can load as things are cooking or if there is any wait time.  If you don’t have a dishwasher, still make sure your drying rack is empty.

Be proactive any time you are standing watching something cook for a minute, take on a cleanup task. 

6. Create a freezer inventory list.

We all know our freezers can become a big deep hole that eats things alive!  Okay okay, maybe it isn’t eating it, but you get my point. 

We all have good intentions of freezing some extra taco meat so you can make an on the fly taco salad.  After a year passes you finally found your great idea in the bottom of the freezer and it doesn’t look to appetizing. 

Creating a freezer stock list to your freezer door can give you an extra visual of what you have on hand, helping reduce the “it got lost in the freezer” waste.

Increasing your productivity leads to great success and feeling of accomplishment!  Both things we all want to experience even if you are just learning to cook for yourself or if you are a seasoned pro. I hope that you are able to execute dinner at a record pace after organizing your meals and work area, becoming a mis en place pro, skipping repetitive motions and cleaning as you go.

What are some challenges have you had with kitchen productivity?  Which one of these points is most valuable to you?

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To manage kitchen productivity is not easy work and mostly are find some best method to improve it. I read this article completely which have useful information and I will be designed my kitchen according to this method. I must be share this article with all my friendly who are looking for this assistance.

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I'm SO GLAD you found this useful! Thank you for sharing!

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I find this post very informative. I love learning new life hacks and tricks because they make like much easier. I also love cooking, but I just feel like cooking requires a lot of effort and time. I will recommend this to my loved ones to increase their productivity in the kitchen. I will be waiting for your new posts.

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I'm always excited to hear my tips were helpful! Thank you for reading.

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The kitchen is my favorite part of our house. That is because I love cooking. I can say that cooking is my passion. I discovered this passion of mine since I was 6 years old. I used to watch my mother cook every day.


Managing a kitchen is really not easy. Thanks to this informative life hack now I can increase my productivity inside the kitchen. Making a checklist will be the first thing to do. I will practice this every now and then so I can still have time for everything inside the house. Thank you for the tips this is very helpful not only for me, but also for those stay at home people.

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