The last thing on any of our minds is going shopping on the last weekend of the summer, but these deals are too good to pass by!  Remember you can shop online and have it shipped to store to pick up later in the week when you have more free time! 

JCPenny is offering a 10 dollars off 25 coupon and Kohl’s a 10 dollars off 30!  A personal favorite!  These coupons come around a few times a year, so they goal is not spend more than 30 or 40 dollars before the coupon.  If you use them wisely throughout the year, your holiday gifting will be done with a considerable amount of savings!

JCPenny’s coupon is only good on apparel, shoes and accessories so that will keep our choices limited. 

Kohl’s coupon is only available online and on back to school clothing!  This means it will only cover young men, juniors, kids, baby, sports fan goods and kids shoes.  Be sure to keep that store pick up button checked unless you decide to get a bigger gift right now… I know they have a lot of incentives, but there will be more deals. Don’t feel pressured into buying that Fitbit because you get Kohl’s cash!  That deal is always available when Kohl’s cash is up for grabs! 

Before looking at some ideas be sure to refer to your list of gifts for the season or think of that perfect gift for that upcoming birthday!   If you had not have a plan for gifts refer to finding the perfect gift guide and setting a holiday budget.

Gift Ideas from JCPenny

For the man in your life that hates the cold!

Let's face it we're talking holiday gifts!  I know it is hard to imagine getting this done now or even thinking about cold, but realize this is your opportunity to save money!

For the man in your life who dresses nice for work!

For the man who could use a wallet upgrade!

For the fun T shirt lover!
Please note: Only purchase someone a T shirt if you have witnessed them rocking it on an occasion. Although, we think some are perfect for their personality, if they do not regularly wear them, they will likely not use your gift.

For the woman who needs a new handbag!
Whether you’re looking for a large bag or a small going out cross shoulder bag you can get a good price on any of these bags for the woman in your life!

For the woman who loves adding flair to everything, including her handbag!

For the woman who loves colorful flats! 

Gift Ideas From Kohl's

Fun gifts for your teenage nephew

For the girl in your life who loves casual wear

Fun gifts for the kids in your life

Gifts for that upcoming baby shower
It is always recommend to buy bigger clothes for any baby shower.  Everyone LOVES how cute the newborn clothes are, but the truth is that babies don't wear them that long and the parents to be usually receive an abundance of them.  I would recommend purchasing 12 months and up.

I hope that you have discovered gifts that you would love to give and have saved some money!  If there are too many to choose from, remind yourself that there will be other sales!   Right now choose the one that made you think "that would be perfect"! 

Happy Gifting! 

This is the first edition of thrifty gifting... drop a comment or an email, let us know what you thought!



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