Cooking for one can be a real pain sometimes.

It may even feel like it’s 1,000 times easier to go out a purchase some fast food, Chinese, pizza or whatever you’re in the mood for today!

If you’re like me, you’ve stood with the refrigerator door open for about five minutes while you stare trying to find a meal that you can cook in a short period of time or even something you can classify as a meal.  Buttered rice is a fantastic dinner, right?
Breakfast for dinner for the 3rd time this week?  Yeah, we’ve all been there. 

Eating is a part of life that most people enjoy, especially if you are eating good food and learning something new.   

Now’s the time to give delete all of the quick delivery apps from your phone and realize there are so many reasons to move forward, plan ahead and cook your own meals!

6 Reasons you Should Cook at Home

1. The number one reason to cook at home is money!!!

You WILL save money.  It is extremely hard to spend more on cooking at home than eating out, unless you’re wasteful with your ingredients and left overs. 

Stick with me, I will teach you how to get the most of your ingredients!  Think of it this way… the cost of the food product to make the meal at a restaurant is about 30% of what you pay (the rest is labor and operating expenses).  If your bill is 15 dollars the food cost would be around $4.50.

But wait a minute…. If I spend 15 dollars on ingredients, how is it less expensive than eating out?

Typically when you cook a meal, you make more than one serving.  What you cook for today can be eaten tomorrow. 

I’m not saying that you should eat the same thing every day!  Eating leftovers once is okay, but every day?  No thanks.

You will learn to reuse ingredients to make other things.  Just because you buy a package of chicken for one meal, doesn’t mean that you won’t save it for later to cook in another meal. 

If you continue to cook at home for yourself, the items you cook will turn into other meals and your money will be made up for!   You know what’s even better!?!  The grocery store cashier does not need to be tipped!  Save your 20% for next vacay!

2. Health benefits.

When you make your own food, you know what goes into it. 

Many restaurants cook from bags and boxes from the freezer (not all, but most).  There are no surprising additives in your meals if you’re the one making them! 

The other HUGE benefit from cooking at home is portion size.  When you are out to dinner you are more likely to overeat because of the large amount of food sitting in front of you.  Unless you are a smarty, and get a to go box when you first get your order and move half of it off your plate.  At home, you can make the perfect portion or you can put the right amount on your plate.  I like to cook two servings at once, once I have completed cooking I plate half to eat right away and put the other in a container and get it cooling for a later meal, so I’m not tempted to eat both servings!

3. The temptation goes away.

 Fries?  Lava cake?  Onion Rings? Ice Cream?  That all goes away at home. 

If you don’t have those items to cook or if they weren’t in your plan for the week, they don’t get eaten. 

Temptation and the fact that food workers are taught to up sell to get a higher check average (ch-ching $$$) can really be detrimental to your wallet and health. 

Save yourself from the fried food and dessert!

4. Cooking for yourself is considered self-care and self-care is sexy

Yes, I said it.

There is nothing more attractive than someone who takes care of themselves! Plus, who doesn’t love someone who can cook?

Trust me, when you’re new date realizes that you can take care of yourself and even make a little something something for them… you may beat out their date from the night before!  Cheers to that!

5.  You get to learn during dinner! 

Instead of staring sadly into your smart phone watching other people do amazing things with their lives while you’re waiting on your food, learn to create a new meal!  Be that person!

Have you always wanted to get rich and skinny? This is the perfect place to start! 

I’m not saying it is automatically going to happen, but cooking yourself a healthy meal and learning to save some money while doing it is a great place to start! 

Your mind will become more active and you will likely beat yourself up less from not checking social media around dinner time... While getting education on how to get rich and skinny!

6.  Cooking at home takes the same amount of time

If you have a plan in place and go to the store once a week, it will take you less time to create a meal than you could have ever imagined. 

Think about this the next time they give you a number at Culver’s, you have to drive forward and wait ten minutes! 

Yep, you can eat a healthier, less expensive meal in less time than waiting for chicken tenders and a chocolate malt.

With some education and planning, we can all rock an awesome wholesome dinner that will make our stomachs and wallets happy! You are completely capable of learning to cook for yourself! Watch out for more tips on how to achieve your goals in the kitchen.

Learn to cook, it's sexy!

What’s the biggest reason you want to learn to cook for yourself?  What’s the biggest obstacle holding you back?

Blog Photo: (c) Geo Darwin

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10/12/2016 8:17am

Cooking at home has a lot benefits. I personally prefer to cook at home because asides from it saves a lot of money, it is safer too. At least when I cook at home, I am sure that the food is prepared cleanly. I also love cooking my own food because it enhances my cooking skills. I can practice different dishes and be cozy in my kitchen at the same time.

03/04/2017 8:06am

You can be sure that the food was fresh and done right only if you cook it by yourself. I love to do some special things on weekends.


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