November and December are extremely busy months, not to mention expensive!  Parties, gifts, food, repeat.  This time of year your social calendar is always full and so is your stomach!  The only thing that running on empty is your wallet.  Gifting can cause a serious impact your bank account and we can be in too much of a rush to even realize that there is a more economical or a perfect gift available to give!  These are just a few reasons of why you should be considering completing your holiday shopping early!

Holidays = Stressful.  Let’s say half of your holiday stress revolves around getting gifts and spending money on them.  The rest is worrying about finding the perfect outfit for the party or the cookies you promised your coworkers you would bake by Friday.  If you were to complete your holiday shopping before the rush, you will experience a calmness you never experienced before! The holidays may actually feel like they are less about shopping and more about family!

Say no to buying things for yourself. Buying gifts with a plan, over time and with a budget will help deter your desire to continue to buy things for yourself.  If you find something that you would like, write it down, add it to your amazon list, come back to it and if you still find yourself dreaming about it… ask for it for the upcoming holidays! Your family will be relieved to get you something you actually want!

Keep your budget in line.  Most of us struggle with saving unless it is automatically deducted from our bank account and hidden away from an easy transfer back into our checking account!  Purchasing gifts throughout the year takes a smaller hit on our accounts and over spending in the last months of the year.  Plus, you will stay focused on getting the perfect gift instead of going to a store last minute and winging it.

Any one of these reasons will help you stick to your money management goals and reduce stress in your life  Not overspending around the holidays is a goal that you can fulfill with a little planing!  Anyone can do it, be mindful about your plan and check out our other posts on how to set a holiday budget, find the perfect gift and find the perfect deal (with my Thrifty Gifting series) Coming soon!. You will become an expert in gift giving on a budget in no time!

Have you ever purchased your holiday gifts in advance?  If so, how did it effect your holiday season as a whole?  If not, do you think you would ever try it?

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09/06/2016 8:36pm

I agree with you Julie. I always have trouble following my budget for buying holiday gifts. Sometimes I exceed my budget and there are even instances that I don't budget the gifts that I will buy for holiday. I tend to do last-minute shopping which is very impractical. Your post is very timely because it is already the start of September and I need to plan my gifts as soon as possible. Thank you.

02/28/2017 4:45am

The Holiday season is the busiest season of the year. It is wise to finish shopping and buying for the Holiday season before the season itself starts. It is the practical way to save money and effort. Just leave the Holiday Season for the last minute shoppers.

09/17/2016 5:28am

After reading this post I think that you are probably right. Nice article.

09/17/2016 10:12am

Thank you for reading! I'm glad to hear it was helpful!

10/02/2016 5:29am

You are right. I appreciate your advices. I think it's pretty important to complete holiday shopping before the holiday season.

06/09/2017 5:38pm

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06/22/2017 11:33am

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