We’ve all been there.  Your boss lacks compassion, follow-up and anything to make you consider working hard for the guy.  Not to mention the corporate culture of acceptance of his behavior.  Frankly, some of us call our work “embarrassing”.  As much as we hate going to work, there are a few things that you can control make your work day positive!

Start with YOUR morning.  If you start your day thinking negatively about what you will be doing for the next shift, it is a guaranteed bad day!  Don’t let your employer get the best of you!  Think of your morning (even if it evolves running out the door right after brushing your teeth and getting dressed) as YOUR TIME.  Your time should be reflective of the amazing person you really are, not a depressed face stuck in the corporate nightmare. You should not be worrying about what is going to happen today at work.  Find a routine in the morning that resolves around your world and well being.  Whether that means making a healthy breakfast, a workout, spending time with the people you love, journaling or just jamming to some music! 

Remind yourself WHY you go to work.  I have a sticky note on my mirror of the positive things I get from work.  They involve things like the absurd amount of PTO (paid time off) they give me, I ONLY work an 8 hour shift and MOTIVATION for my future.  Find your pros, write them down, remind yourself every day before you go.  This will always help bring you back down to walking right off the job, there’s a lot worse out there… right?!?!

Think about what you’re buying with the money you earn at your day at work.  I admit my first half of the month usually goes to living expenses, savings and bills.  I’m still okay with saying, “Today, I’m working for a roof over my head”.  Once it gets to the end of the month it turns into, “Today I’m working for that awesome pair of jeans” or “For that really great vacation I’m taking next month”.   So when your boss presents “his” new idea to the team that you gave him 2 months ago, you should think about that sweet ride of a car you pay for, instead of punching him in the face.

Fake it until you make it.  Sometimes I hate this saying, but this has truly worked for me in every way.  Now that you’ve taken back your morning routine as your time and have done some self-care for you, remind yourself it’s not worth your work day and the stress on your body to be mad or stressed all the time.  Take a couple deep breaths, force a smile, and make some jokes.  Remind yourself of all the beautiful reasons you have to smile. If you practice this enough, it becomes normal and gives more of a lighthearted feeling to each day.

Avoid your coworkers who do nothing but bitch.  Yep, I said it! Negativity is contagious.  Yes, we all know the place is broken and very little is being done.  If you hang with that crowd… you will become a product of your environment.  Not to mention your attitude is generally affected throughout your work day AND spills over into you home life. Nothing great will ever come from this.  Limit time spent with them, time spent without will do wonders for your entire well being!  If you are dying for a social piece in your life and are unable to find it at work, join a book club, meet a friend for coffee, join a meetup, do anything besides spend time in a negative environment!    

Plan your next steps in the future to get out of there! To me, having a shitty job is motivation for your next steps to become bigger and better in your life.  You can and will do something bigger with your life, you just need a plan!  How long can you deal with this?  Do you want to go back to school?  Do you want to change career paths?  Write a plan with detailed steps and include an end date.  Sometimes our plans change so your end date might change, but at least you are working to change your situation!  An end date also helps ease the idea of going in saying only until next June! I’ve made it this far, I can make it until then! Don’t underestimate the power of a plan to help motivate you through your current situation.

Now that you’ve taken your morning back, reminded yourself of the positive things you get from your job, thought about what how you will spend your hard earned money, learned to smile a little more and have a plan for your future; Positivity should be beaming from you! Some of these tactics take some time to learn to do, but once you start to implement you will see an amazing difference in your attitude at work! 

What are some steps you take to make work a positive environment? What's the first step you're going to take?



03/04/2017 8:12am

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03/28/2017 11:12pm

No matter how big the salary is, if a job is too demanding, you'll definitely feel tired. Just like anybody else, I am on the stage of my life where I need to remind myself everyday why I need to work. Because if only I have the choice not to do these things, I'll just lie to my bed and wait for the blessing to come. But that isn't the reality. We really need something that will keep us motivated.


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