Throw all of the preconceived rules of gifting out the window.

A gift comes from you as a thought of your generosity.  It does not mean I have to spend the same amount on them that they spent on me. It is not meant to show off the amount of money that I pretend to have.  It is not a competition with each other.  You do not have to cover what it costs to cover your spot at the party/shower/wedding.

Buying the perfect gift for an occasion should always be heart felt and have thought put into it. Giving someone the perfect gift that they love and can actually use is seriously gratifying.

Imagine your dad’s birthday… every year you get him the same thing, in some variation a polo shirt, wallet or tools.  After a few conversations with him you realize that his frugalness prevents him from buying himself a drone (fill in the blank of something your dad would love).  You surprise him with it!  He can’t wait to take it out of the box and use it!  Talk about the gratification in the excitement that he has!  He would have never had shown that excitement over the wallet you bought to replace the one you got him 4 years ago.

Let me show you how to create experiences like this in your life!  Let’s walk  through how to decide on the perfect gift for anyone. 

Decide who the gift is for. 

Write their name down with all of the interests and hobbies they like on a sheet of paper or the so conveniently included, Find the Perfect Gift Worksheet. Find in the link download below!  If you do not know the person well, ask someone who does what they love or do in their spare time.

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I used my brother, Dan, for the example below.
These are just a few basic things Dan enjoys.

Continue on to the next portion of the worksheet, dig a little deeper into the basic things they like and some possible gifts that could go with them.

Don’t think about your budget right now, try to do this exercise before you think about what you can afford because that can limit your creativeness to generate ideas!  Who knows, maybe sometime in the future you will be able to afford something really nice!?! 

As you can see just from this exercise there are quite a few options of gifts to give and I didn’t really dig deep into all of the things he loves.  Also, think about things that you both like.  I’m sure if I bought us a trip to see the Cubs play that my brother would absolutely love that gift!  We would also have fantastic memories to last a lifetime!

Now that you have a list of ideas and things your giftee may absolutely love, consider your budget.

The right gift and any budget will always be a perfect gift because it is something they will love and use!  Don’t ever feel bad about not being able to spend more!  Remember, a gift comes from you as a thought of your generosity.  

While we are on the topic, here are a few small budget gifting ideas

Offer your time as a gift.  Time is something that most people never have enough of! 
My brother and his family has always appreciated me giving them my time to help with their home improvement projects.  If I gave Dan my time to help him build his bar, he would appreciate any extra help.  My mother has cleaned their house as a surprise and they considered that more of a gift than anything she could have gave them.   If you have time to share, it can end up being one of the most thoughtful gifts of all!

Learn to be crafty.  I’m a crocheter (only in winter) and  I can make some amazing gifts (hats, scarfs, mittens, coffee cozies) with one skein of yarn, which I can use a 50% off coupon on and it costs a few dollars for the perfect gift.  I even have people ask for things to be made for them!  Gift giving doesn’t get any easier than that!   Find a craft and search Pinterest.  One of my co workers has a craft she does every Christmas for everyone.  She makes everyone the same gift and I never feel underappreciated that she didn't make me something different. It truly is wonderful she thought of me while making the project!

Buy them a beer or cup of coffee.  Quality time spent together over a beverage is always a win-win! If your friend is REALLY into drinking alcohol be careful, you may be compelled to buy the next round.  If this is something you cannot afford, go with the coffee! 

Collaborate with someone to be able to afford a bigger gift.  If you have a wonderful idea for a gift and can't afford it it is more than likely a family member of friend will happily go in with you for the perfect present. Never be shy about asking... trust me your brother doesn't want to get dad another hooded sweatshirt either...

Now that you have AMAZING gifts selected...

Go through the worksheet for everyone in your life
and decide where to keep this information! Invest the time just once, update from time to time, saving you time thinking and worrying about what their next gift should be. You will be prepared when their birthday sneaks up on you all you have to do is check this sheet and order the perfect gift! Or if you have a coupon for a great deal and would LOVE to use it on anything but more junk for you…

Happy Gifting!

Do you have other tactics for deciding on the perfect gift?  What are some great ideas that you have stumbled upon to share with others going through the process?

Main Blog Photo: (C) Michael Schwarzenberger

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Thank you for sharing these useful tips. I admit I suck at thinking what gift should I give to my friends or to my family because I am not that creative. It's not that I don't know what are their interests or what it's just I don't have an imaginative mind to those things. Maybe because I'm also too busy with my career. I'll take note of these tips for my future reference. Will look forward for more educative articles of yours.

02/02/2017 4:43am

Well, this is really a very useful tips! I will totally keep this in mind. I am actually struggling right now because my sister will be turning 13 next month and I am really glad I was able to find this blog of yours. This is really a big help! It will really help me to choose the best gift that I can give in an affordable price. Thank you so much for this!

06/22/2017 1:27am

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11/07/2016 8:57pm

With Christmas just around the corner, all of us are planning on what gifts should we buy and to whom should receive it. But we must always remember that you don't have to spend too much on gifts. You could even just make a gift for them to receive. Nothing is better than a handmade gift.


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