This morning I found myself scrolling through emails.  Most of them ads.  I somehow ended up on looking for fall clothing for the coming season.  I picked one item and I set out to get the buy one get one 50% off sale. “I’ll look around for more” and “what a good deal”, I thought.  After about 20 minutes I realized I didn’t need anything else.  I didn’t NEED the original item in my cart.  I went to my closet to see what kind of clothes I had to wear for fall.  I have plenty of cute choices!  In the mid-west, fall lasts about two months, if we are lucky.  Then straight to winter coat wearing for about four months.  Using my budget on the piece I chose would not have been the best use of my money.

  FIVE tips for preventing impulse shopping:

Tip 1: Tell companies to stop emailing you.

A friend of mine and I had a conversation about the emails we get from stores, she told me that she received and email every day from one store in particular.  Sounded like a nightmare!  This is when I recommended to her to opt out of the emails.  She can go to them when she is ready to make a purchase.  A constant marking reminder can never do your bank account a favor!  At the bottom of each marketing email there is a choice for you to opt out, do so unless you regularly shop there for things you need.  

Tip 2: Have all of your shopping emails go to an email account that isn’t hooked to your phone

This way it is still there, but you aren’t seeing sale, sale, sale over and over every day.  Staying away from those emails when we live in a constant check email and social media accounts nonstop world is mentally challenging. When you’re actually looking for a sale to buy something you’ve wanted and have decided to spend you hard earned money on, you can then go back to that email and find one.  If you need a coupon to take to the store, just forward it to your other email, the one that is hooked to your phone.

Tip 3: Take a minute or a day to think about what you really want.

Don’t click checkout right away, it’s an impulse buy! If you have something in your cart, wait until the next day.  Decide if it is something you really still want or need.  The thing we should know about stores is that they always have a sale!  If it isn’t on sale now, it will probably be next week!  If it is on sale, it will STILL probably be on sale again next week!  Don’t let sales drag you in because they expire, take a hard look at you budget and realize, you likely wouldn’t have purchased it in the first place!   If you did click the purchase button, you can still go in and cancel the order if it has not shipped yet.

The jacket I had in my cart this morning!

The jacket I already owned in my closet! I was about to repurchase an item I already have!

Tip 4: Check your inventory.

Do you already own it?  When retail therapy gets the best of us, we tend to buy the things we already own and love.  I CANNOT tell you how many peach tops I have come home with after a shopping trip.  Maybe your thing is black sweaters, jeans, striped shirts… we all do it without thinking.  Be mindful of your budget and your clutter!  Let’s face it, my six peach shirts can turn into a mess in my closet that can become so big I can’t find one of them! Think of it as keeping your money and sanity!

Tip 5: Do The Math.

Will you have an opportunity to wear/use it enough times?  I like to think of it like this. If I spend 40 dollars on a pair of pants, how many times do I have to wear them to get my money’s worth?  I personally like to think 40!  If I wear them once a week for a year, it was worth the money I spent.  Pants are useful, but say you love skirts.  Spend 25 bucks on one and wear it only 5 times in the summer, that’s 5 dollars a wear!  Not to say you won’t wear it again next year, but the thought process is to really spend money on things you will wear over and over again. This also helps you purchase only things you love and will use.

Bonus Tip: Buyer’s Remorse


I purchased this dress from Amazon a week ago.  I tried it on… it was okay.  Reviews online were positive and girls even posted photos of them looking great in it. I let it hang in my closet for a few days before I decided it defiantly needs to go back.  It isn’t something I felt amazing in, if I did I would have worn it by now.  This way I get my hard earned money back in a refund!   This is WAY better than the alternative, letting it take up precious space in my closet!

If you purchase something and don’t use it in 30 days, return it.  If you haven’t used or worn it by then, it is clear that you don’t love it or need it.  In the stores eyes, you are not a satisfied customer!  Plus, returning it gives you your full return as opposed to it ending up in a donation box in six months when you’ve finally decided to part ways.  Some stores have better returns than others. Most are 30 days with the exception of Target is 90 days and Kohl’s is unlimited.  Also, if you have purchased your item with a credit card they can look up the receipt from your card, so don’t worry about having your receipt!  Check each store for a return policy.

I hope that you now have the tools and understanding to prevent impulse buying in your life! We all work hard for our money, be sure to spend it on things that you will use and love!  Otherwise, it could end up on the floor adding to the ultimate headache in life, clutter!

What other tactics do you use to prevent impulse buying?   Do you have the habit of buying things and not wearing/using them?

Main blog photo: (C)Hwellrich
Other photos: (C) Live Life Hacking

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09/20/2016 7:03am

The content is simply informative and interesting. This has helped me with some aspects especially on how to be a wise buyer. I admit, I am a shopaholic and every time that I go to the mall it is impossible for me not to buy anything that caught my attention even if I still don't need that thing. I won't go home from the mall empty-handed which I wanna change in myself. You've given me so much tips and ideas that I can do to improve my bad habit. Thank you and will look forward for more educative articles.

09/20/2016 9:07am

Thank you for such a nice comment. I used to be a shopper as well, until I realized what it was doing to my wallet, then I became a discount shopper! As I started to progress I was running out of space to keep my findings, which sent me down the path of finally cutting myself off!

I know you can do this! I'd recommend a clothing app that takes an inventory of your collection, so next time you are out, you can say I already have a great black top like this one. I could be a great start!

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